Thoughts that Counts

Sink it All

Let it sink into your mind as if there’s no way to run from it and all of it will just vanish and will make you what you wish for!

Faith – is all I have in Gods guidance

It has been a great day today!

Woke up from a sweet dreams.

Took a fresh cold bath.

Have able to eat the breakfast.

And be able to prepare in getting ready for work.

All of it is just in it’s usual.


It’s been months since I am suffering from sadness and great to know this thing – I was able to kept in me.

After how many attempt of escaping from it. . .

Some questions was ask :

Why should I always keeping on escaping like this?

Where could I find a solution in each  unanswered questions within the situation?

Will I be able to really escape from this situation?


Such a tiring thinking, right?


And then I tend to realize :

Really life has it’s own uniqueness same as different individuals thinking.

Should I continue being like this?

Would it be okay if I worry too much?

I mean, If I remained bothered, do life change?

Well, Life is same as Love (as what they’ve said ) – It’s like a Rosary, full of Mystery.

As what others said also, Think Positive! And all will be put in each place.

And that’s what I’ll follow now – Think Positive!

And all shall be Okay!

Let it sink into your mind as if there’s no way to run from it and all of it will just vanish and will make you what you wish for!




The Confession of a Korean Addict

The Confession of a Korean Addict 4

Dear Korea,

Just finished watching Episode 14 of The Descendants of the Sun via Live Streaming of KBS! 😉

And now! When it has only two episodes left, I finally found a Live Streaming of it! 😳


How was that!?

Should I congratulate my self, or should I cry then!?

What a life!


( Without English Subtitle FYI and so I just analyze their doings hahaha )

Yay! At first I was so grateful knowing Yoo Si Jin is alive and the relationship of the Song-Song Team is getting romantic 😍

Until another mission of YSJ! 😥

Still hoping for a good happenings of the two by the last two episodes of this koreanovela.


The Confession of a Korean Addict

The Confession of a Korean Addict 3

Dear Korea,

Wew! It’s been 16 Hours since I watched the 13th Episode of The Descendants of the Sun and I still on a process of thinking : What could be happen to Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong-ki), Do the prettiest Dr. Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye Kyo) will save him?

Oh My God!

I am currently working right now and I just have 15 minutes to go home and so excited how the time is running so fast – my thinking all this day was all about the next Episode 😁


This time I’ll find a way to watch the Live Streaming at KBS! 😍

The Confession of a Korean Addict

The Confession of a Korean Addict 2

Lately, I am on a Day Off! It’s Wednesday and wednesday is my Rest Day! And so since I am at home, I did a lot of chores ( And my most likable is the Laundry ) Hahaha and since it’s been a century since I did my Laundry 😁 It makes me so painful and right now I am in pain, my shoulders are in pain. Owww 😳

2:20 Am is the time right now, and even if I felt so sleepy lately, I really couldn’t afford to close my two tired eyes!

And guess why!?


Yah! You are right!


I am!

Hahaha 😍

I am really waiting for the 13th Episode of “The Descendants of the Sun” and I am so proud of it even if I will shout it : ” Hey! People! I am not sleeping ’cause I am waiting for the next episode of Descendants of the Sun!” Hahaha ☺

As of the moment Episide 13 is already available but it’s still Raw, and I need it to have an English Subs.

What to do!?

I am already addicted to Song-Song tandem!

Isn’t they too much of Handsomeness and Prettyness and Cuteness!?


They really have that 500% of Chemistry for each other!


I remember, as I scrolling my phone awhile ago, I’ve read from a fan also that Descendants of the Sun might be having a Season 2 😍

Is that true!?



It really makes me happier even more to know it!

Well, I think I should stop writing and trying to check again if Episode 13 with English Subtitles is already available.


‘Til next time!

Live.Love.Laugh ❌ Claire Marie

The Confession of a Korean Addict

The Confession of a Korean Addict 1

Yay! As I wrote this sentences, I am in a situation of Smiling and Inspired. Not because of my Lovable life but because of what I am so into right now. Hahaha 😁

I think , I am in need to send to a hospital of hope – Not because I am hoping but because I am Crazy! Hahaha

Anyway, (Please don’t judge me) I am really suffering from an addiction of Koreanovelas nowadays! hrrr 😉

Though a lot of times, often I may say! Hahaha

I just can’t hide it, as I am waiting right here for the Good Series to air, I really wanted to share and share and share about my feelings. 😄

Is it normal?


Always and forever! I will treasure and will remember those kiligness and heartbreaks that Koreanovelas brought to me.

Really! Really! Their way of making a film is unique and just captured my heart from time to time!

I don’t know. . . though watching it requires the ability to hear and see – Because hearing them speak and the way they pronounce their language are  awesome & it must be seen to understand them (Subtitles you know)

Still I love being in the middle of watching Korean Series and Movies.

It’s Refreshing! It’s Relaxing!

My Currently Watching :

(1) Descendants of the Sun
(2) Marriage Contract
(3) Your’e Beautiful

Live.Love.Laugh ❌ Claire Marie

Thoughts that Counts


In our society nowadays, the problem is – Educated people tend to act uneducated – and the worst is, they really not acting, they really are!

We might heard often from the people around us regarding a person who finished a College Degree.

They seems to idolize that person, right?

Well, that’s how a person will react in behalf of their admiration and being proud of the person.

As I facing my Day-To-Day life, I realize – Not all people who finished or graduated from a degree will be worth proud of.

My bad.

But let me say this, It’s not really the degree nor the units of courses we took. It’s not the good experiences nor the knowledgeable seminars could make us a better person.

It is the ATTITUDE!

The Attitude towards the person.

The Attitude on dealing others.

And the Attitude of a Good person to others.


Live.Love.Laugh ❌ Claire Marie