The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently | Entry 2.0

Wew! Hello friends 😉

It’s been two weeks since I’ve posted my “The Sunday Currently”

It’s been a busy Week ends eh 😀

Well anyway, here’s my second entry of The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton:



My first “The Sunday Currently”


I think I need to read it again 😉


My second entry of my The Sunday Currently.


Listening and Watching The movie Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s stone.

And the rest after this first!

It is because I heard about another Harry Potter sequel which is the “Harry Potter and the cursed child”, am I right?

It reminds me of my childhoods while watching it!

Never been so boring yet makes me watch it over and over again 😉


About another work and wanted to have an Online Job, a part time, like a Data Entry or something.

And Oh My upcoming Examination 😒


The Fabric Conditioner I used lately while washing my used clothes. Hahaha



Really I am wishing for an Online Job. Any you can offer me?


To pass my upcoming Civil Service Examination



My old yellow shirt and pajamas


The review center that I am enrolled with presently. I learned a lot from them like some tricks to use for the Mathematics 😉




To buy a portable DVD Player


So many things! Ahaha Including all the facts and theories regarding Mathematics and English! Hahaha


Inspired by Harry 😍

So how about your Sunday so far? Hmmmm. . . It is really a busy week end for me but I wanted to share my Sunday Currently 😉

Happy Sunday everyone!

Sharing some Good vibes : Live.Love.Laugh,

Claire Marie ت:)

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My One Meow & Only Bigoil 


oooh! I saw this from and maybe he’s also perfect for me. Hahaha 😉

I have a cat, his name is Bigoil or Abigoil. Her name came from the youngest person from our family Abigail and since he is a boy so we made it sounds like a boy. Hahaha Yes! he is a boy and he is the only one I have 😙 though I really love to have as many as I love, like, A whole white cat so that I could have an Artemis version of mine & A whole black as well for a Luna. Hahaha I’ve been a fan of most Animania’s & Cartoons, and one of those is the Sailormoon which Artemis & Luna are starring. But my current Cat seems don’t want to have a siblings Hahaha.

Anyhow, I am looking forward for more new Cats someday 🐱
Claire Marie ت

The Confession of a Korean Addict

The Confession of a Korean Addict 5

Dear Korea,


How are you!?

Yes! It’s been 3 months  7 days and It’s been a while since I wrote you my thoughts of Korean World and that was all about the Song-Song Couple in their last Korean Drama “Descendants of the sun”. I was so sad and so tired to update in my “Confession of a Korean Addict Category” because of what happened in the last Drama that I watched.

It feels like I was hanging in the middle of curiosity.

Like, is that all!?

It ended like that!?

You know, it s really hard for me to know that the Drama was already at it’s End.

Haha Yah!

I’m a lil’ bit of so overreacting right!?

It’s just that I was really so attached with this Koreanovela Drama.

This is the third time since I was so hooked with a Series and i’ts been a while since I was.  I watched so many Korean Drama’s already  but their is really that few that could captured my heart.

The first addiction was the “Princess Hours” Starring Yoon Eun-hye, Ju Ji-hoon which I watched a countless times already then after that the “Heart String” Starring Park Shin-hye (My Very Love) and Jung Yong-hwa which I watched a million times also Haha. And now this! the Descendants of the sun.

The story really captivated my heart and that is why I am so hook and can’t get enough of this Drama even today. Huhuhu I heard that there’s a Season Two of this Drama but it’s all about to focus with  Kim Ji-won & Jin GooIt makes me happier to know it but less happier to know that the Song-Song Team will not be in the lead for the Drama. Won & Goo is not bad and I also get the “Kiligness” from them also but – I think it’s more exciting if the Song-Song Team will be there also with a lots of moments together to show. I really hope for this to happen soon.


Always & forever Korean Addict,



The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently | Entry 1.0

I’ve been curious as I’ve seen and read a couple of The Sunday Currently posts from different bloggers all over the net. And it was a link up made by Siddathornton!  Well anyway I think this will be a great hobby every Sunday to look forward to and I’ve thought about joining the bandwagon, so here it is, my Sunday Currently Entry 1.0

For the mean time, here’s my first entry of The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton:



Some of The Sunday Currently written by some of the Bloggers link by Siddathornton and it feels great knowing there is something like this. This is so cool.


My first entry of my The Sunday Currently and it excites me. I think I could get track all my doings during Sundays from now on. Haha


Listening and Watching The movie A little bit of Heaven. This movie is quite a heartbreaking but it’s also showed how to be able to accept what you have and treasure it while we still can.



About my work for tomorrow if I will be able to survive because I am so tired of it already hahaha


The pineapple that I have eaten.


Really I am wishing of a new job.


To pass my upcoming Civil Service Examination


My favorite flowery old shirt and a short


My blog a little more than before since I am able to try new things like this The Sunday Currently


To buy the Book of Vice Ganda the “Panggulo Vice”. I wanted it so badly! Haha


So many things! Ahaha


Sad and so heartbreaking because of this movie “A little bit of heaven”

So how’s your Sunday so far? Let us enjoy the remaining hours before the sun coming up and before we hit the real world again tomorrow morning of that Monday MADness! Haha

Happy Sunday everyone!:)


Sharing some Good vibes : Live.Love.Laugh,

Claire Marie ت:)

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Family · Travel


June 13,2016 at 5:30 pm I was rushing going home from work because I will be going to Sugbo the “Queen City of the South” Cebu City again at 8:00 pm. And I have to be 30 minutes earlier so that I will not be late and prevent from running ( Hahaha ).

And the world is too short to see one of my Teacher, Moderator and a friend in the ship that I am boarding that time. And so, as expected my life at the ship is not that boring anymore. Chikahan at iba pa and mga nangyayari! Hahaha I am with Kuya O

Life is meaningful every minute of it.

And I am having a happy time, every bit of it as I started this short vacay (vacation) of mine. What more than a missed cousin’s waiting for me at Cebu! Yey! One of the best decision I’ve ever had! Really!

A face of can’t sleep because of excitement! Char!

When Kuya O saw me, he transferred my things to his place and now I am with Kuya O! Hahaha So much for happiness this night. Such a good thing to know having a friend from the past and both of you reminiscing some old memories. (Sigh) I wanted to go back to our missionaries life , like doing some pilgrimage and immersion with my Assumption Family. You know students life! Hahaha

Can’t sleep really! So I am having a millions of selfie’s
July 14,2016 at 5:30 am Port of Cebu City

And now we just arrived here at Cebu City. . .

Yay! finally I could see and will having a good time with my cousins!

At 6:30 am I arrived at Tanke Talisay where my Aunt’s place.

This place is my Aunt Dora’s House, she is my father’s sister and also one of the reason why I finished my studies. When I was still on my younger years, I used to visit this place for a month or even 2-3 months. I am very close to my Auntie and so to my cousin’s also whom my Uncle’s children, my father’s deceased brother 2 years ago. That’s why if ever I had a chance to be with them I am very happy to know it and will grab the opportunity to see them.We used to be together twice or trice a year when I was still studying and now I am already working, that’s why I have a hard time to have time and be with them.

The photo below is Me and my cousin Zharyl. I used to call her Baryl. Hehehe

My Baryl


You’re a piece of Eye Candy. (c) My Baryl

The place above where I am is the place where my childhood memories was.




Title : Me before You 🎥

Plot : Young and quirky Louisa “Lou” Clark (Emilia Clarke) moves from one job to the next to help her family make ends meet. Her cheerful attitude is put to the test when she becomes a caregiver for Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a wealthy young banker left paralyzed from an accident two years earlier. Will’s cynical outlook starts to change when Louisa shows him that life is worth living. As their bond deepens, their lives and hearts change in ways neither one could have imagined.

Characters :

Main Characters :

  • Louisa (Lou) Clark – a 26-year-old woman who is creative, talented and funny but underestimates herself and has few ambitions. Her life changes when she begins working as a caretaker for a paralyzed man. Over time, she learns to harness her capabilities and step out of her limited comfort zone.
  • William (Will) Traynor – a 35-year-old man who became quadriplegic after a motorbike accident. He is intelligent and wealthy, but his impairment has left him moody, angry, and bitter. Unable to accept never being the active and adventurous man he once was, he wants to end his life.

Supporting Characters :

  • Camilla Traynor – Will’s mother who has a strained relationship with her son. She is severe and strict but she cares about her son’s well-being.
  • Steven Traynor – Will’s father who was mostly absent from his children’s lives; Camilla Traynor blames him for destroying their family. He wants to divorce Camilla.
  • Katrina (Treena) Clark – Louisa’s younger sister who is an unemployed single mother. She has always been regarded as the most intelligent sibling. Even though the sisters have always been competitive, they support each other.
  • Patrick – Louisa’s boyfriend who works as a personal trainer. He is obsessed with sports and diet.
  • Nathan – Will’s nurse and caretaker who is also his friend.
  • Alicia Dewar – Will’s ex-girlfriend who marries his colleague, Rupert. She is beautiful and delicate, but lives her life according to the standards of upper society.
  • Georgina Traynor – Will’s sister who does not care much about her brother, concerned only about her life and her accomplishments. Georgina feels that Will’s mishap should not affect her success.
  • Rupert Freshwell – An old friend of Will’s from work. He is married to Alicia.
  • Frank – Louisa’s previous employer.
  • Thomas – Louisa’s young nephew and the son of her sister Katrina, a single mother.


My Reaction :

This Me before you is such a very beautiful movie which tells us how to fall in love despite of some things that could be a hindrance on loving someone and also it tells us that loving is accepting everything about the person who we love. It’s not because we have something could get from the person but it is somewhat from ourselves, to care and to offer what we have and what could we give. This is all about giving all what someone could give for the sake of the person we love. It is giving up some of the things we used to so that someone who really in need or needs us could save from a diseased, and it could be spiritually, emotionally or even physically.

You know, Loving is the beautiful gift that God has given to us. It is the most beautiful if we really want it and accept everything about it. Because sometimes loving is not asking in return but it is giving all what is necessary without asking for a reward from it.

Wew! Me before this 😍 and Me after this 😭

So heartbreaking!

Yet so beautiful story of two people who just met and fell inlove and cared for each other.

And aaand Ms. Lou is such a Charming Cutey one!


Words to live by :



Thoughts that Counts

When the power of love overcomes the love of power

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. . .

3 Years ago, earlier in 2013, I wrote this realizations of mine. And it’s funny how I could share it here right now. Maybe I was be able to mold as a person of who I am today because I was really meant to blog, right? Hahaha

Anyway, I came to realize the happenings of today’s.

You know, the Philippine Election has finally ended and we already have our new President.

The Election of 2016 was really competitive and each of the candidates was really did their very best for a title ans was really did each way of tactics and strategies, only to please us the citizens of our country Philippines.

We could see them has an eagerness to pursue the Yes of us for them to Elect by us.

There are a hundreds of Tarpaulins, a countless leaflets and a never ending promises for their very Love, the Philippines.

Some may come to take advantage especially to the poor people who didn’t mind who will be those good among of them and what would be the life ahead they might have for as long as they could received something they will be needed for today.

As time goes by. . . We can’t feel the essence of changes that was encountered by each one of us, because we are busy and always occupied by our own desires and goals in our life. Without knowing that we have already forgetting something that has been very important since we are born and given a life that has brought us into this stage of our life which we feel comfortable and satisfying of what we are right now.

Yes, life should be as perfect as what we are dreaming of but what is the essence of being successful of one thing if we do not know what really love is and how to.

Love is a common words yet only unique people knows how to.

Without love we cannot be as satisfying as what a satisfied person is and we can never be satisfied of what we are having and what we are right now. Because even though our dreams came true and our wishes has granted, it will always be a discontented for us and we will always be. Because the love of the power that we will overcome will surely brought us into imperfect.