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Sweet Tooth : S’mores (Pa’Mores)

It has been my plan to really make this S’mores one day and now I really did it with Abigail ( My Niece ) ofcourse ! 😁 I came to think about this when I read Ms. Kathryn Bernardo’s Blog about her S’mores (Not really that Stalker) Hehehe 😁 It’s not really because my Idol Kathryn made it then i also make one, rather I was really wanted to try it and ofcourse wanted to taste those heavenly taste of S’mores as what I’ve heard and read. And it’s just as simple as eating regarding the process. 😉

My way of making of it is not really the same as what Ms. Kathryn made, hers is individually made with Chocolate and Marsmallow but mine is “One At A Time” process.:)

If you want to make your’s then it’s up to you on how you will assemble it. As long as it’s S’mores like! 😀

The following are the Ingredients of making S’mores :


1 Pack of Big Mallows ( Preferably Plain White )

Any plain chocolate of your choice ( Mine is GOYA Milk Chocolate )



Step 1 : Put the Chocolates first in the container of your choice.

I pick GOYA Milk Chocolate ( You can choose any chocolate you love )

Step 2 : Then, put the Mallows at the top of the Chocolates.

The  Mallows!

Step 3 : Put the assembled Chocolates & Mallows in the Oven.


And it’s ready to Bake! Mine was heated 5 Minutes and I think 3-4 Minutes will do already.



This was Baked in 5 Minutes so some of the mallows was overcooked but not really that bad.  It’s really 3-4 Minutes, I guess.

The Grahams

Get the Grahams.

And this S’mores is ready to Eat!

Yummy! Nam Nam!





Always and Forever Food Lover,

Claire Marie ت