Song to Sing

SONG to Sing : Passion Song

Passion Song ft. Sean Carter

In the midst of a rushing monday morning, really monday will always be tiring (though we still didn’t do anything yet) as long as it is monday then it’s tiring hahah.

Well, I think that’s a dilemma Hahaha.

After rushing from home to work, as a marketer – it should be planning what’s for today and then (It’s normal) We tend to open first the Facebook or any social media we have –  before anything else hahaha.

And then I saw this post of Mr. Sean carter – About Jesus and it is a Song for Jesus and he call it “Passion Song” , I listened and it was good, so refreshing and so relaxing.

I can feel it, the presence of God and his caring gestures is wrapping me.

And so, I am listening over and over for the whole time of the day today!

A Realization to ponder : ” Despite anything else that I did earlier this morning, the murmuring regarding monday madness of an employee, the lazyness to get up, but still God made me feel comfortable in the situation and also made me what I am really needed to be.”

About the Song:
“This song comes from thoughts I was having while driving one day I began recording the melody and words on my iPhone, continued writing with a friend, and finished later that day. I was thinking of what it must have been like to be alongside Jesus as he endured the events of Holy Week. To see Him walk into the city on palm Sunday, to be at the last supper, to watch Him be murdered, and experience the loss and the relief of His resurrection. This song tells the story through John’s eyes and attempts to capture the emotional essence of John’s heart… John was not just an observer but Jesus’ close friend (the disciple Jesus loved). Each chorus is John’s description of the physical response that came with his emotions. His heart in his throat unable to speak., His heartbreak, and tears of relief.” – Sean

I was with him when he rode into town
And crowds gathered round him like a king
Their smiling faces, joined a sea of branches waving
Thou they were masquerading in the end

And my heart rose in my throat
When I heard them sing
Hosanna, in the highest

We went upstairs, broke the bread and drank the wine
From the only living vine that we would taste.
And I watch them take him up the mountainside
Where he was crucified though innocent.
And they mocked him ,and cursed him with their mouths
And told him to come down if he was God”

And my heart broke in my chest
When I heard him say
Forgive them, it is finished

I remember in the garden when he sweat like drops of blood
And how he begged the father to let him pass the cup
I can still feel the anguish when they pierced him in the side
And how the ground beneath us shook upon the very moment that he died

Three days later we found an empty grave
and the stone was rolled away where he had been

Tears of joy streamed down my face
When the angel said
Oh fear not, he is risen
Oh fear not, he is risen

Thoughts that Counts

Have Faith

A week after those unforgettable and unexpected moments, and now I am back to work again. It might be a challenge for me to be more stronger and much more faithful to God to have experienced and encountered such moments which really least expecting for me. It was only a week yet I must say, I’ve learned a lot from it and will bringing it all with me all the days of my life.

To sum it up :

(1) My Mother was Admitted for the first time but in God’s grace she was quickly discharged a day after.

(2) Too much of Deadlines for my Clients orders but again in God’s grace, It was fixed quickly.

(3) I was so stressed on how to finished the things I must do for Aby’s Bday and then again, by God’s grace I made it and lastly,

(4) I was able to grab an opportunity to have encountered Camiguin for “Panaad 2016” , I may not have come to perfect it but atleast I was be able to perform the way I should be and be serious and prayed wholeheartedly.

I came to conclusion, whatever we do for the days like this, as long as you made it with your heart and soul, you will never be lost for the battle.

In Gods grace and guidance, I pray in Jesus name, AMEN.

Verse of the Day †

Verse of the Day : 03102016


I will wait Lord, every second of  minutes.

I will wait Lord, every minute of an hour.

I will wait Lord, every hour of the day.

I will wait Lord, every day of a week.

I will wait Lord, every week of the month.

I will wait Lord, every month of a year.

I will wait Lord, even if it takes me forever.

All because, I trust you Lord.


Live.Love.Laugh ❌Claire Marie

Religious Views

† St. Marie Eugenie


Assumpta Est Maria!

The earth is a place of glory for God.

Today is the feast of St. Marie Eugenie Milleret, founder of the Religious of the Assumption.

My Assumption Family.
My Religious Organization.
My Spiritual Family.

I remember when I first joined the Religious Organization of Associate Missionaries of the Assumption, I was so innocent with St.’s all I knew was just the familiar and as I pursued being a loyal member of the organization, I came to familiarize and  realized that slowly – deeply. I was amazed and was taught a lot of St. Marie Eugenie and most of all was enlightened knowing her not only as a Nun but also a person whom really has a dedication to herself.

Because of her ‘Sometimes in my life I also dreamt to be a Saint as St. Marie Eugenie but it’s impossible to achieve’ 😀



Anne Eugenie Milleret, was born in Metz, France in 1817, of a family of little faith but who was passionate about politics and social justice.  Her life here was carefree.  She spent her time playing with her brother in the wide open fields and with her mother; she visited the poor families and the sick that lived nearby.  This was where her social orientation was born.

Marie Eugenie’s First Communion, at the age of 12, was a life-changing experience of grace.  Upon receiving the host, she suddenly felt herself lovingly taken up before the very Presence of God.  Throughout her life, she would speak of this mystical experience as what sustained her and gave her strength in time of great trials.        

When she was 13, her father lost all his money, their beautiful estate was sold, her parents separated and the family split up. She went to live with her mother in Paris.  Two years later, her mother caught cholera and died within a few hours/Grief-stricken helpless, and lacking in spiritual comfort, the 15 year old Anne Eugenie now faced a new world completely stripped of everything and everyone dearest to her.  

For almost 4 years, she stayed with two different families, outwardly having a goof time but inwardly alone and restless, searching for the meaning of life.  Anne Eugenie, now 19, found herself in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, in Paris.  There, listening to a talk on the Incarnation, by a young and popular preacher, called Lacordaire, she was converted to Christ and the Church.  She found that he Gospel made sense of her life, and decided to give her life to Jesus Christ. Another priest, Fr. Combalot, persuaded her that the best way to collaborate with Jesus in making the world what God wanted it to be, was to start a new religious family dedicated to education – the Religious of the Assumption.  

Preparing herself by study and prayer, Anne Eugenie, choosing Marie Eugenie as her religious name, became a Foundress at 22 with 4 other young women.  A woman of vigorous faith, responsive to the needs of their time but with her gaze fixed on the future, she longed for the extension of God’s Kingdom and believed that the transformation of society could be achieved through living the Gospel values.  She taught that faith in Jesus Christ impels us to be involved in contemporary social issues.  All action should flow from a life of love and prayer.  

The Religious of the Assumption unite contemplation with the various aspects of education.  The source of their apostolic dynamism is found in their life of prayer, adoration, and their strong community life.  Today, the Congregation is in 34 countries in 4 continents.  

Marie Eugenie died in March 10, 1898, now her Feast day.  She was beatified by Pope Paul VI on Feb 8, 1975.  On December 18 2006, by the decision of the Pope Benedict XVI, the Congregation for the Cause of Saints presided by Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martens, included her name in the list of saints to be canonized. The Consistory has yet to meet to set the date and to iron out more details. We now joyfully look forward to her Canonization.

Here are some quotes from St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus, Foundress of the Religious of the Assumption :

(Credits from – )











And my favorite of all 😀


A very happy Feast day to all Religious of the Assumption, Students, Alumnae and Alumni, the Volunteers, and their Friends!

Assumpta Est Maria!


Live.Love.Laugh ❌Claire Marie

Thoughts that Counts


March 09 2016, A Solar Eclipse was said to visit the galaxy of the heaven and I wanted to witness it but I just didn’t remember to look above for that.

It was a wondrous beautiful gloomy morning. Early at 6 awake from the mothers shout to close the gate, for they will going out to send the niece to school. It was a wonderful day to Wake up and shall do the choires since it is a Day off. It was really such a fabulous day for a Gloomy sorroundings makes it.

Should thank God for all the Beautiful things that he’s been sending us.

Really, It was.

Such a nice day.

Perfection shall say.

Out of the blue, just can’t get enough of the darkness felt inside.

Together with the Gloomy Day there is darkness felt within the thoughts. And and. . . can’t yet figure it out.

Why is it there? Why is it felt? Is it really have to be like this?

It was a perfect day yet it was still incomplete.

It’s like something is missing.

It’s like satisfaction is not yet acheived.

It’s like true happiness was nowhere to fine.

It’s like Gloomyness is within me.

It’s like a Gloomy ME.

Just missing the true Happiness in Life.







Live.Love.Laugh ❌Claire Marie