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Hey! I am sorry I am late. Hahaha as usual

But I believe in the saying that : It is really better to be late than never! I Thank You

Anyway, this trip should be done right after my travel in Cebu City but due to my time that was completely booked by some things that has really a good impact with my life Hahaha so I have no choice but to fulfill some of them before this.

NOTE : A big NOTE Hahaha, please forgive the tired or Haggard faces of mine. I just love to post a real picture, what I mean is a picture with a true happiness and feelings that was express (Char)

Well, this trip is just a continuation from my Cebu City Travel. After I’ve eaten my breakfast together with my missed cousins and Aunte Dora, we we’re getting ready to our departure for Dumaguete City. But before we arrive to Dumaguete City we will stop first at Car Car City to fetch our Uncle Tata and then we will go to Dumaguete after.

These photos below was us! I want a Hashtags for us! What can you suggest?

The #TeamTenchavez (Nah! sounds boring) or #TeamTenchavezInPink (Sounds too Girlie but we have a not so little boy) or #TeamBoysOverFlower (Hahahaha sounds too tricky )

Anyway, I love the #TeamTenchavezInPink Hahaha sorry little boy


These are my cousins! We may have different personality but we still have things in common, aside from being a blood related, Ahem! We love to pose,project,smile and wacky-ing! Hahaha
Family · Travel


June 13,2016 at 5:30 pm I was rushing going home from work because I will be going to Sugbo the “Queen City of the South” Cebu City again at 8:00 pm. And I have to be 30 minutes earlier so that I will not be late and prevent from running ( Hahaha ).

And the world is too short to see one of my Teacher, Moderator and a friend in the ship that I am boarding that time. And so, as expected my life at the ship is not that boring anymore. Chikahan at iba pa and mga nangyayari! Hahaha I am with Kuya O

Life is meaningful every minute of it.

And I am having a happy time, every bit of it as I started this short vacay (vacation) of mine. What more than a missed cousin’s waiting for me at Cebu! Yey! One of the best decision I’ve ever had! Really!

A face of can’t sleep because of excitement! Char!

When Kuya O saw me, he transferred my things to his place and now I am with Kuya O! Hahaha So much for happiness this night. Such a good thing to know having a friend from the past and both of you reminiscing some old memories. (Sigh) I wanted to go back to our missionaries life , like doing some pilgrimage and immersion with my Assumption Family. You know students life! Hahaha

Can’t sleep really! So I am having a millions of selfie’s
July 14,2016 at 5:30 am Port of Cebu City

And now we just arrived here at Cebu City. . .

Yay! finally I could see and will having a good time with my cousins!

At 6:30 am I arrived at Tanke Talisay where my Aunt’s place.

This place is my Aunt Dora’s House, she is my father’s sister and also one of the reason why I finished my studies. When I was still on my younger years, I used to visit this place for a month or even 2-3 months. I am very close to my Auntie and so to my cousin’s also whom my Uncle’s children, my father’s deceased brother 2 years ago. That’s why if ever I had a chance to be with them I am very happy to know it and will grab the opportunity to see them.We used to be together twice or trice a year when I was still studying and now I am already working, that’s why I have a hard time to have time and be with them.

The photo below is Me and my cousin Zharyl. I used to call her Baryl. Hehehe

My Baryl


You’re a piece of Eye Candy. (c) My Baryl

The place above where I am is the place where my childhood memories was.