The Confession of a Korean Addict

The Confession of a Korean Addict 1

Yay! As I wrote this sentences, I am in a situation of Smiling and Inspired. Not because of my Lovable life but because of what I am so into right now. Hahaha 😁

I think , I am in need to send to a hospital of hope – Not because I am hoping but because I am Crazy! Hahaha

Anyway, (Please don’t judge me) I am really suffering from an addiction of Koreanovelas nowadays! hrrr 😉

Though a lot of times, often I may say! Hahaha

I just can’t hide it, as I am waiting right here for the Good Series to air, I really wanted to share and share and share about my feelings. 😄

Is it normal?


Always and forever! I will treasure and will remember those kiligness and heartbreaks that Koreanovelas brought to me.

Really! Really! Their way of making a film is unique and just captured my heart from time to time!

I don’t know. . . though watching it requires the ability to hear and see – Because hearing them speak and the way they pronounce their language are  awesome & it must be seen to understand them (Subtitles you know)

Still I love being in the middle of watching Korean Series and Movies.

It’s Refreshing! It’s Relaxing!

My Currently Watching :

(1) Descendants of the Sun
(2) Marriage Contract
(3) Your’e Beautiful

Live.Love.Laugh ❌ Claire Marie

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