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My Love,


I will love you with all my heart and most likely with all my soul.

I will take care of you like how usually a mother will care for her child.

I will cherish every single memory we have.

Now and forever.


Your Love,


💝 · Thoughts that Counts

Love is not a “Because”

Love is not a Because, it is a No Matter . . .

No matter what’s the response is.
No matter what this things could make me.

No matter what will happen.
No matter what life with this might be.

Still, staying still and will continue to be is the most important of all.

Because loving is not expecting anything from someone,

it is just to continue to love no matter what!


Without saying a word, as long as you smile

Without  saying a word still you light up my heart!

As long as you smile. . . ☺

Maybe its you!

Im waiting for a chance.

I wanna see you more and more but you close your door.

Hoping  you’ll understand the things I wanna say.

Why don’t you try to open your heart ’cause I want to take so much of your time.

Maybe its  wrong to love you more each day.

I believe what you said to  me.

Because my love stronger than before.

Live.Love.Laugh ❌ Claire Marie