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Aquamarine Park & Fish Sanctuary – Tubajon Laguindingan Misamis Oriental Mindanao Philippines

Welcome to Aquamarine Park in Barangay Tubajon Laguindingan Misamis Oriental Philippines! A Mangrove Park in Town.

Today marks as one of the best get away because it is with my family!

Located just a few hours away from Cagayan de Oro City or from Iligan City. So far this is the best mangrove park in town.



The Mangroves. – Photo not mine credits to the owner

The photo above is the Mangroves outside the area that surrounds the cottages inside. 

This park is built with Mangroves under the cottages and also in everywhere inside. The Mangroves becomes the shelter for the cottages inside and it made it like a wall in a house, so it’s kinda unique kind of beachin’.

The Mangroves in the middle of the sea when low tide (afternoon)

So if you want to relax and experience to swim surrounded by mangroves tress then make sure to go there early morning so that you really can enjoy the sea.

The sea level in the morning is the best to enjoy the swimming than in the afternoon which will be at its low level and you might end up swimming into the beautiful white sand and. (haha)

 To those who wants to go but doubtful because of unsure direction, here’s how to get there :


If you are from Manila Luzon Philippines or Visayas, you will to ride a plane going to Laguindingan International Airport for about an hour & 45 mins (I guess) but more or less its 1 to 2 hours. Please take note that there are no any sea transportation directly to Laguindingan Misamis Oriental, since there is no port in Laguindingan so you should ride a plane from Manila or even if you are from Cebu or any place from Luzon or Visayas. But if you insist in sea transportation, ofcourse there’s always a way, ways rather, because you can either go there coming from Cagayan de Oro City or from Iligan City by sopme Land Transportation, its either by Jeepney or by Bus. But I suggest to take the Bus for your convenient and for the fastest trip. You can ride the bus through Super 5 or Rural Transit from the Terminal of Cagayan de Oro City or Iligan City, for Php 65.00 and it will take you for an hour or 2. Then you tell the conductor’s to drop you off in Barangay Mauswagon, after that you will have to ride a motorbike or “Habal-Habal” as we call it here for Php 40.00 to Aquamarine Park Barangay Tubajon Laguindingan.

Now, follow me and let us pose for awhile 😁







Picture’s taken during afternoon, so it was in low tide.








Under the bridge of  two cottages.

You may also inquire if they have available life jackets for rent. If you are solo traveler, you can ask the motor cycle drive to wait for you or you can ride another one instead.

But I would suggest to have your own transportation but if you don’t it is still okay because there are single motors or habal-habal outside.

Take your time and enjoy swimming. Make sure to clean as you go. Even if there is an entrance fee, the visitors are also responsible in maintaining the cleanliness of the park.

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