Princess & I 

Hi! This is my Cousin Princess Theress Tuastumban Tenchavez. She is my cousin in my Father’s side. And we are very close to each other since we we’re still in our younger years. We always end up together during Vacations. And that was so memorablr to me ever since.

Visited my First Cousin just in CDO after work. She is now a Certified #CorporateGirl and #AMarketer like her Ate (ahem) ofcourse I am her Idol! She’s my avid fan actually. Wahahaha 😀 Just had a sharing with each other and chitchatting with regards to her #NewLife in a #CorporateWorld Haha.

Time flies so fast. . . When it feels like it’s just like years, months or even just days ago we we’re just talking about vacation, how long will it takes to be with each other and also with our other cousins, deciding whether it will be in Ozamiz or in Cebu, or even our Laag2 every Week-End with Aunte Teodor and most of all talking about Textmates ’til dawn 😅 nyay!

How time flies so very fast! We we’re just a kid with innocent minds and a strict Aunte whom never agreed (us) on Travelling alone until Senior years in High School haha and now here we are meeting in different places, travelling alone and having a new schedules in life and perspective.

Nevertheless, what important most is we should never forgetting each other, because that is what a #Family means, to not be a stranger to everyone.

#PrincessTheresse #Pilit #Pirit #Pantat Haha

PS : Missing my other Cousins. Missing them Girls and a Boy #ZharylWagne #DaisyAnn #JohnCarlo

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