Binignit / Tabirak / Ginataang Halo-Halo on a Good Friday is a Good Friday


IMG_20170414_145836What do you think?

Isn’t it delicious?

Violet’s are forever the yummiest really! Especially if it is made from a pure Ube.

This is our specialty, Binignit.

Binignit on a Good Friday is our Traditional Food here in the Philippines but mostly in Mindanao and Visayas. In Luzon is the other way around, they would prepare their Ginataang Bilo-Bilo which is just almost the same in preparations with Binignit or Tabirak but a lil’ bit difference with its ingredients especially with the Landang because they don’t use it for their Ginataang Bilo-Bilo (one of the Binignit ingredients).

Landang is a lumpy starch and it gives the binignit a sticky texture that will definitely your mouth will love it and adds flavor also. It comes from Buli or Buri Tree – a type of Palm found in the Philippines. And as what I’ve known,this tree only flowers once in it’s life then dies. At first glance, landang looks likes shrunken, flattened sago. It is really  traditionally used in making Binignit in the Visayan & Mindanaoan region of the Philippines.

Binignit is good for a Good Friday to prepare because all of the ingredients came from organic and natural plants and has no meat included with it. In observance of fasting and avoiding meat during this feast, this is the best. This is in its best when serves hot ( for me ) but some will eat it chilled or even frozen to make it as creamy as an ice cream.

Ingredients :

  • Glutinous Rice / Pilit
  • Landang
  • Sweet Potato / Kamote
  • Ube ( optional )
  • Cardava Banana / Saging na Saba
  • Ripe Jackfruit / Langka
  • Coconut Milk
  • Sago
  • Brown Sugar
  • Condensed Milk

Optional and possible Ingredients you may like :

  • Gabi / Taro
  • Kamoteng Kahoy / Cassava

Before anything else, you have to chop all the ingredients to the shape of your choice.

Procedure :

  1. In a pot put water, Glutinous Rice / Pilit and landang, wait to boil then simmer until cooked and do not forget to stir every now and then to avoid burnt.
  2.  When it is already sticky add all the ingredients, Sweey Potato / Kamote, Ube, Cardava Banana / Saging na Saba, Ripe jackfruit and Sago the wait until it satifies your site in mixing.
  3. Now you may add the Coconut Milk, stir it very well.
  4. Add Brown Sugar and Condensed Milk until tasty.
  5. Serve


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