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The Social Networks 

Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?

Which is which?
Technology nowadays. . . 

Everyday of our life gets ‘high tech’, you know what High Tech means!? Its our shortcut for High Technology. haha

As the days goes by our interest got changes. The community we are with made us more confident of what we wanted to be. And the sorroundings that we used to be with motivate us to be more competitive in our daily lives. The trends that was been indulge are our happiness and we can’t let it pass by.

Truthfully speaking as of this moment, I have a lot of Social Media registered by my name. Yes, a lot. hahaha Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a lot of social apps. I just wanted to feel I belong and have mine. As for my friends, maybe they are one of the reason why I registered to different kinds of Social Media but the main thing is I just wanted to experience what these applications was all about and what could be possibly give it to me.

Facebook, this is the most known in the whole world right? Well, in this social media I can’t deny that I registered here because of my friends and relatives to interact with them. And then I have come to witnessed what Instagram was and so I registered here because I love to take pictures! In Twitter, I like to be one of those people who knows their idols are, in Twitter I can follow my favorite Actress/Actors, Singers and others from different countries. And some social apps by the influence of the community that have been trends.

How about you, what made you being part of some social media apps?


3 thoughts on “The Social Networks 

  1. Well, I am mostly on Twitter and Facebook. These social media apps have helped me connect to people or organizations that work on things that interest me. For example, organizations working to improve the lives of animals, environment protection groups and the like. You are right. Whatever community we belong to in social media apps gives us a feeling of being connected! But at the same time, we need to have a more real connection with them as well. What I do is that occasionally, I do meet some of them personally, if they are located nearby.

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