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Dear Diary 2

As I re-read my not so many drafts here in my blog, I was amaze of how I think these past days of my life, indeed it was so worth remembering.

This Blog reminds me of my happy moments with my new friends and classmates in my Review Class last year of July.

And so I will be uploading it here to share my thinking of those very excitement moments of my life in Review Center.

Last July 09,2016, I decided to have a Review for the upcoming Civil Service Examination on October 2016. I’ve been thinking about this earlier this year and now I finally joining this 2016 batch. I am so happy deciding this Review and much more as I’ve entered our classroom, It feels nice.

I really dream to be in school again and learn new things. Yes! this is a Review so its just a recap from the lessons that our college had given to us but I believe that every session o the classes has something unique learning from it.

July 09,2016 is the first day of school! Yay! Feels like a Freshman right!? Haha It’s like a throwback from my student life. In the morning we had our first Exam which we call it “Pre-Test Part 1”. Yes! It is an Examination with a 150 items to answer to and Yes! It is still the Part 1 because we still having the “Pre-Test Part 2” later afternoon Haha. I was so shock by this but when one of our Teacher discussed to us regarding the Examination of the day, I understand why did they do that, It is because to know where and why are our weaknesses and strengths in answering the Exam and also to teach us more to the difficult one to us.

I really hope for a lot of learning from this journey!



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