Lutong Bahay

LUTONG BAHAY : Bas-oy with Egg

Hello everyone!

How are your days these past few days!?

Well, aside from tiring and cramming that I’ve noticed to all of my sorroundings, did you have a relaxation, a complete sleep, or even a ME time to ease the tiredness that you’ve been with these whole week!? Well, you better have it!

The weather here in our place is not that good, but it was really good for a cuddle with a bed, it was just so Bed Weather! Wew! t’was raining even this morning the heaven was so gloomy and the wind was so cold.

Just in time!

My mother cooked  some soup that we called “Bas-oy” – A Bas-oy is made with fresh Vegetables such as : Okra, batong, cucumber, sayote and most specially Malunggay and wait there’s more. . . this is not the usual but my mother added some new recipe to just add a bit yummiest to it, an Egg! Hahaha for the filipino’s specially the bisaya knows how this home cook was cooked so for some reason maybe you may question, why!? What’s the taste if it will be added with Egg? Well actually it doesn’t make any difference, the taste will remain. Hahahaha

This is the Bas-oy!

The white on the top is the Egg! Hahaha

How was your Breakfast!? Is the weather in your place was good, rainy or just a ‘lil bit hottie!?

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