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Verse of the Day : There’s no Greater LOVE 021416



There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. – John 15:13


Happy Valentines Day!

It’s quite unusual that this verse means for a friend, instead of a lover. Anyway, Valentines day is not only for lover’s right!?, it is also for family, and friends. Because loving is not only for lovers, but it is also for family and friends.

In my own beliefs, if a friend of mine would do everything just for me, then it could be the best thing ever that a friend could do to any friend. Because we all know nowadays it is really hard to find someone whom real and pure friendship are their within a person. We can’t deny the new generations of today are not really into “Men and Woman for others” and mostly they are “Self-centered”, they only thinking ones self but we just can’t blame them anyway, it is really for them because they’re just thinking what their life’s could be. 

I would like to share about  my friends since I was younger until now, in my 25 years of existence. I’ve meet a lot of people in my entire life and not all of them became my friends, though sometimes we unintentionally bump to each others, we smiled and greated each other bit that’s it, just a sign of respect for a person who looks familiar. I’ve crossed so many friendships but not all of them became my closest, I mean. . . that person who you could share some thoughts with, laugh with, eat with, and even sleep with. . . Even those things I’ve mentioned could lead us into conclusion that . . . these people who shared a lot in many things are the closest but you know, not all has these moments are the best, you are the closest yet we can’t say you are the best friend that I’ve met.

For me a best friend is a person who could give up something just for the sake of one’s friend, not really that very big things but also included a decision that has a very impact to a friend.



All of the people could be your friend but not all of them could be the Best and true friend you could imagine.


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