Really, unplanned travel are meant to be happen. Hahaha

It was a day of tardiness and have no good mood to go out anywhere but then when Ate Mariz the sister of my Twins (sounds funny ’cause we are not really that having the same face but just having a lil’ bit of same body 😁 hahaha) Friend of Mine Joy and Ma Mae, asked me if I would like to join them visiting FriendOfMyn Joy and my ever dearest Athena (Athena is my friends Joy Daughter and ofcourse my ina-anak), and since I Miss them that much because it was already a year ago since I visited them so I decided to go with them, besides this is just once in a blue moon moment Hahaha.

The feeling of seeing each other again is priceless!

I am at my happiest not because I will travel again and will visit another places and enjoying my time of not having work for a day and two but because I will be able to have time with my best friends Joy and Mae which we really do frequent nowadays because of work and other activities of our life.

Chika-chika about life and journey, talking about those corney jokes and ofcourse our prettiest and handsome Oppa’s Hahaha, the Korean Series things. We used to watch Korean Series in our Colleges days and up until now. Hahaha #KoreanLoverWeAre

We know each other for 10 years already, and we already know each other that well. We are more than friends and more than best friends, we already treat each one as a sister. When we we’re still in our College years, we are always together, magkasama kahit saan magpunta ang isa hahaha. Oo! Talaga!

Athena was so busy opening her late Christmas Gift from me. Hahaha It’s better to be late than never right!? Haha

You know what, it was funnier and more enjoyable since they have a pool in front of the house so . . . First ofcourse taking pictures during night time, and swimming ’cause the kids was too excited for a night swimming specially itong dalawang Sean at Abigail! It was so cold in here at this time but nevermind to them as long as makakapag-swimming sila hahaha.

Picture-picture muna!

Abigail & Me #AbiClaire

Swimming time na talaga! Hahaha look at their faces so happiness! Iba talaga ang hatid ng tubig pool. Hahaha


Early at 6am, this young lady was already awake! Wow! She’s amazing! hahaha

The morning of this day was not so find, it was so rainy and windy as well. So the sorroundings was so cold. Very! But for us, it was just nothing! Hahaha

Picture-picture muna kami para may epost naman. Hahaha

Kung sa tingin nyo kami lang dalawa ang naliligo, well! you’re right! Hahaha tumpak! Kami lang talagang dalaw kasi kami lang dalawa ang may guts na sumulong sa napakalamig na tubig na ito! Hahaha


After the swimming session we already getting ready to go home nah. We have a lots of place pa na gustong bisitahin eh but it’s raining na talaga at napakalakas nah nya. So uuwi nalang kami.

Ang saraaaaaaap sa pakiramdam! Ang makaligo sa malamig na tubig at napakalamig na panahon! Promise! Hahaha Mainit kasi sa amin palagi eh. Kaya like na like ko itong malamig na pagligo sa malamig na tubig. So #FeelingFresh na kami. Hahaha


As we go along our way home, one of our closest friend contacted us to drop by to their Wedding, which was held on the province na malapit din sa bahay nila Joy and so ito pa ba ay palampasin!? No one will do that! Hahaha so Go Go Go natalaga kami!

Tingnan nyo naman tong mga batang ito, hahaha yan ang itsura sa batang nagugutom na at parang may kunting antok pa. Hahaha

Funny how we we’re united and seeing each other again and we we’re able to dropped by to one of our closest friends Wedding at Balingasag Misamis Oriental. Hahaha This is really unexpected! 😝

That moment when the outfit didn’t fit with the occasion at all! Hahaha but I just thought of it as Fashion. Hahaha

But nevertheless, I was glad and happy to see each other again and having some quality time together again though it was just for an hour but still I thank you friends for the friendships.

Left to Right : Gilbert, Mae, Me, Blessel and beside her is her boyfriend, Wennie and her husband.

And now we we’re heading home. . .

Road tripping as we go home to CDO.


Left to Right : Sarrah, Joy and Athena, Me, Kuya Sean and Mae

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