Dear Diary


I’ve lived a suicidal lifestyle, never worried about the consequence. I’ve been in this mental for a while, just teetering on the fence.

On a positive note, I’ve already fallen off, so we may not be in the same boat and for that you may scoff. I’ll shoot you a lil’ info, I don’t give a damn, a fair one, nigga you dunno what you in for, gonna end up with your jaw wired shut. You don’t wanna wit me, I don’t wanna waste my time, you will flee, I’ll catch another felony, at the expense of not two cents but a worst dime.

‘Cause whatever I might look it’s all darker and darker.

I’m tired, it’s just tiring. And too tiring. Every second, every minute, every day, every thinking.

It’s gettin’ worst, worst that could never be cured.Must take a look. Should think too long. All of these are just too boring to bring. I need to change. Change for the better. Better for today. Today is the time. Time for a new rhyme.

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