The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently | Entry 2.0

Wew! Hello friends 😉

It’s been two weeks since I’ve posted my “The Sunday Currently”

It’s been a busy Week ends eh 😀

Well anyway, here’s my second entry of The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton:



My first “The Sunday Currently”


I think I need to read it again 😉


My second entry of my The Sunday Currently.


Listening and Watching The movie Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s stone.

And the rest after this first!

It is because I heard about another Harry Potter sequel which is the “Harry Potter and the cursed child”, am I right?

It reminds me of my childhoods while watching it!

Never been so boring yet makes me watch it over and over again 😉


About another work and wanted to have an Online Job, a part time, like a Data Entry or something.

And Oh My upcoming Examination 😒


The Fabric Conditioner I used lately while washing my used clothes. Hahaha



Really I am wishing for an Online Job. Any you can offer me?


To pass my upcoming Civil Service Examination



My old yellow shirt and pajamas


The review center that I am enrolled with presently. I learned a lot from them like some tricks to use for the Mathematics 😉




To buy a portable DVD Player


So many things! Ahaha Including all the facts and theories regarding Mathematics and English! Hahaha


Inspired by Harry 😍

So how about your Sunday so far? Hmmmm. . . It is really a busy week end for me but I wanted to share my Sunday Currently 😉

Happy Sunday everyone!

Sharing some Good vibes : Live.Love.Laugh,

Claire Marie ت:)

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