The Confession of a Korean Addict

The Confession of a Korean Addict 5

Dear Korea,


How are you!?

Yes! It’s been 3 months  7 days and It’s been a while since I wrote you my thoughts of Korean World and that was all about the Song-Song Couple in their last Korean Drama “Descendants of the sun”. I was so sad and so tired to update in my “Confession of a Korean Addict Category” because of what happened in the last Drama that I watched.

It feels like I was hanging in the middle of curiosity.

Like, is that all!?

It ended like that!?

You know, it s really hard for me to know that the Drama was already at it’s End.

Haha Yah!

I’m a lil’ bit of so overreacting right!?

It’s just that I was really so attached with this Koreanovela Drama.

This is the third time since I was so hooked with a Series and i’ts been a while since I was.  I watched so many Korean Drama’s already  but their is really that few that could captured my heart.

The first addiction was the “Princess Hours” Starring Yoon Eun-hye, Ju Ji-hoon which I watched a countless times already then after that the “Heart String” Starring Park Shin-hye (My Very Love) and Jung Yong-hwa which I watched a million times also Haha. And now this! the Descendants of the sun.

The story really captivated my heart and that is why I am so hook and can’t get enough of this Drama even today. Huhuhu I heard that there’s a Season Two of this Drama but it’s all about to focus with  Kim Ji-won & Jin GooIt makes me happier to know it but less happier to know that the Song-Song Team will not be in the lead for the Drama. Won & Goo is not bad and I also get the “Kiligness” from them also but – I think it’s more exciting if the Song-Song Team will be there also with a lots of moments together to show. I really hope for this to happen soon.


Always & forever Korean Addict,



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