The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently | Entry 1.0

I’ve been curious as I’ve seen and read a couple of The Sunday Currently posts from different bloggers all over the net. And it was a link up made by Siddathornton!  Well anyway I think this will be a great hobby every Sunday to look forward to and I’ve thought about joining the bandwagon, so here it is, my Sunday Currently Entry 1.0

For the mean time, here’s my first entry of The Sunday Currently by Siddathornton:



Some of The Sunday Currently written by some of the Bloggers link by Siddathornton and it feels great knowing there is something like this. This is so cool.


My first entry of my The Sunday Currently and it excites me. I think I could get track all my doings during Sundays from now on. Haha


Listening and Watching The movie A little bit of Heaven. This movie is quite a heartbreaking but it’s also showed how to be able to accept what you have and treasure it while we still can.



About my work for tomorrow if I will be able to survive because I am so tired of it already hahaha


The pineapple that I have eaten.


Really I am wishing of a new job.


To pass my upcoming Civil Service Examination


My favorite flowery old shirt and a short


My blog a little more than before since I am able to try new things like this The Sunday Currently


To buy the Book of Vice Ganda the “Panggulo Vice”. I wanted it so badly! Haha


So many things! Ahaha


Sad and so heartbreaking because of this movie “A little bit of heaven”

So how’s your Sunday so far? Let us enjoy the remaining hours before the sun coming up and before we hit the real world again tomorrow morning of that Monday MADness! Haha

Happy Sunday everyone!:)


Sharing some Good vibes : Live.Love.Laugh,

Claire Marie ت:)

Join The Sunday Currently link-up by siddathornton!

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