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June 13,2016 at 5:30 pm I was rushing going home from work because I will be going to Sugbo the “Queen City of the South” Cebu City again at 8:00 pm. And I have to be 30 minutes earlier so that I will not be late and prevent from running ( Hahaha ).

And the world is too short to see one of my Teacher, Moderator and a friend in the ship that I am boarding that time. And so, as expected my life at the ship is not that boring anymore. Chikahan at iba pa and mga nangyayari! Hahaha I am with Kuya O

Life is meaningful every minute of it.

And I am having a happy time, every bit of it as I started this short vacay (vacation) of mine. What more than a missed cousin’s waiting for me at Cebu! Yey! One of the best decision I’ve ever had! Really!

A face of can’t sleep because of excitement! Char!

When Kuya O saw me, he transferred my things to his place and now I am with Kuya O! Hahaha So much for happiness this night. Such a good thing to know having a friend from the past and both of you reminiscing some old memories. (Sigh) I wanted to go back to our missionaries life , like doing some pilgrimage and immersion with my Assumption Family. You know students life! Hahaha

Can’t sleep really! So I am having a millions of selfie’s
July 14,2016 at 5:30 am Port of Cebu City

And now we just arrived here at Cebu City. . .

Yay! finally I could see and will having a good time with my cousins!

At 6:30 am I arrived at Tanke Talisay where my Aunt’s place.

This place is my Aunt Dora’s House, she is my father’s sister and also one of the reason why I finished my studies. When I was still on my younger years, I used to visit this place for a month or even 2-3 months. I am very close to my Auntie and so to my cousin’s also whom my Uncle’s children, my father’s deceased brother 2 years ago. That’s why if ever I had a chance to be with them I am very happy to know it and will grab the opportunity to see them.We used to be together twice or trice a year when I was still studying and now I am already working, that’s why I have a hard time to have time and be with them.

The photo below is Me and my cousin Zharyl. I used to call her Baryl. Hehehe

My Baryl


You’re a piece of Eye Candy. (c) My Baryl

The place above where I am is the place where my childhood memories was.

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