Thoughts that Counts


In our society nowadays, the problem is – Educated people tend to act uneducated – and the worst is, they really not acting, they really are!

We might heard often from the people around us regarding a person who finished a College Degree.

They seems to idolize that person, right?

Well, that’s how a person will react in behalf of their admiration and being proud of the person.

As I facing my Day-To-Day life, I realize – Not all people who finished or graduated from a degree will be worth proud of.

My bad.

But let me say this, It’s not really the degree nor the units of courses we took. It’s not the good experiences nor the knowledgeable seminars could make us a better person.

It is the ATTITUDE!

The Attitude towards the person.

The Attitude on dealing others.

And the Attitude of a Good person to others.


Live.Love.Laugh ❌ Claire Marie


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