Thoughts that Counts

Have Faith

A week after those unforgettable and unexpected moments, and now I am back to work again. It might be a challenge for me to be more stronger and much more faithful to God to have experienced and encountered such moments which really least expecting for me. It was only a week yet I must say, I’ve learned a lot from it and will bringing it all with me all the days of my life.

To sum it up :

(1) My Mother was Admitted for the first time but in God’s grace she was quickly discharged a day after.

(2) Too much of Deadlines for my Clients orders but again in God’s grace, It was fixed quickly.

(3) I was so stressed on how to finished the things I must do for Aby’s Bday and then again, by God’s grace I made it and lastly,

(4) I was able to grab an opportunity to have encountered Camiguin for “Panaad 2016” , I may not have come to perfect it but atleast I was be able to perform the way I should be and be serious and prayed wholeheartedly.

I came to conclusion, whatever we do for the days like this, as long as you made it with your heart and soul, you will never be lost for the battle.

In Gods grace and guidance, I pray in Jesus name, AMEN.

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