Thoughts that Counts


March 09 2016, A Solar Eclipse was said to visit the galaxy of the heaven and I wanted to witness it but I just didn’t remember to look above for that.

It was a wondrous beautiful gloomy morning. Early at 6 awake from the mothers shout to close the gate, for they will going out to send the niece to school. It was a wonderful day to Wake up and shall do the choires since it is a Day off. It was really such a fabulous day for a Gloomy sorroundings makes it.

Should thank God for all the Beautiful things that he’s been sending us.

Really, It was.

Such a nice day.

Perfection shall say.

Out of the blue, just can’t get enough of the darkness felt inside.

Together with the Gloomy Day there is darkness felt within the thoughts. And and. . . can’t yet figure it out.

Why is it there? Why is it felt? Is it really have to be like this?

It was a perfect day yet it was still incomplete.

It’s like something is missing.

It’s like satisfaction is not yet acheived.

It’s like true happiness was nowhere to fine.

It’s like Gloomyness is within me.

It’s like a Gloomy ME.

Just missing the true Happiness in Life.







Live.Love.Laugh ❌Claire Marie

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