Thoughts that Counts


It’s funny to see some of the status from all the social media regarding February and the Valentines. Knowing that it’s still starting the year. Some has their “Bitter” opinion for the Event but maybe because they still didn’t met their what we call ” Forever” 😁 (Haha). Everyone has its own opinion anyway and they have also their right to be Happy 😍 or just be sad 😦 for the upcoming Month of Love and Hearts Day.

Let us all be aware that February and Hearts Day is not only for the Lover’s that has to be given such a Pretty Flowers with Chocolates and Stuff Toys, It is – all about Love and Love is not only for Lover’s but also for Family, Friends, Co-Workers and all of the people around you that somewhere, somehow with them in your life – you feel Loved.

And now, really it’s FebIBIG Month already. It’s shocking to know that we’re on our 2nd month of the year already. How time flies so fast, right!? It’s like yesterday was still the 1st of January and now as I am on the process of my Weekly Sales Report – I was like 😨 whoooaaa!!! O.M.G it’s February already!? Oh really time flies so fast!

One thing – Just Love and you’ll be Loved back.

And I was reminded : It’s FebIBIG 😍

My First Weekly Sales Report on February

Live.Love.Laugh ❌Claire Marie

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