Mais Nilung-ag / Boiled Yellow Corn in Butter & Cheese



I really Love eating Mais a.k.a Corn, especially when it’s Boiled!

Ooohhhh Such A Heaven!!!

And Yeah. . . This is ME eating like this! Hahaha


Call me whatever you wanted!

Nothing can stop me loving this Boiled Yellow Corn in a Butter & Cheese.

Yes! I am loving this whole thing of Corn and I don’t like it in cubes, yes there’s also cubes corn which they put it in a cup and you just eat it with a spoon. . no struggle like I have as what you’ve seen in my picture up there.

But I still prefer to eat it in whole because you know. . . I feel it much yummiest and delicious while struggling. Hahaha 😁 And the taste of cheese in it! Ooowwwwh!!! I Love Cheese!!!

In my dialect “Bisaya” we call this Mais nilung-ag, Nilung-ag means Boiled.

Now, how do you eat your Mais Nilung-ag / Boiled Corn?


Lot’s of Love from me to you!

Claire Marie

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